Diavolo | Architecture in Motion - L'Espace du Temps SAT Sept 19 & SUN Sept 20

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Clip of Symphony No. 3, Movement 4 by Philip Glass

Diavolo Debuts A Once-In-A-Lifetime Show!

We're so excited to announce the return of the Ford Signature Series with Diavolo | Architecture in Motion's US Premiere of L'Espace du Temps at the Valley Performing Arts Center (VPAC) in September! In one of many raves, the LA Times said the company "defines the art of this city." To get an inside scoop, we visited their dance studio:

The Diavolo work space is a vast platform stage populated by several cubes, a large board with knobs protruding like bristles, a metallic sculpture of a woman doing a bridge pose and what looked like an iron cage.

Aside from their genre-defying style, it's their interactive structures that really set Diavolo apart. ... 

... "It's always fun to learn how to use a new structure," Dancer Kellie St. Pierre added. "The second piece [in L'Espace du Temps] has a floor that comes up with motors and boxes that fit into each other and pins that come out and spin. There's so much going on." ...

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