wild Up, performing with Ezralow Dance Sept 13

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Stand still like the hummingbird

Thanks for playing!


You may have noticed a spunky crew sporting Ford T-shirts greeting you as you climbed up the Ford’s iconic entryway. After you caught your breath, we may have taken your picture by our “Selfie Wall,” entered you to win tickets, encouraged you to bust a dance move, helped you defeat pesky wasps that tried to steal your picnic or just sparked a memorable conversation before the show. We are Team Connect!

It was an absolute pleasure meeting you this year. We were astounded by the caliber of your talent and delighted by your witty stories and Ford memories! 

Here are just a few of the highlights:

  • Two talented young performers, Kirsten and Emma-Rose, celebrated Kirsten’s birthday before the LA So-Cal Dance Invitational. We’ll see you ladies on the Ford stage someday!
  • Michael D. McCarty inspired us with his one word poem and his infectious smile at Flypoet Under the Stars. He’s also a rock star arts educator and storyteller!
  • Sally Struthers (of All in the Family and Gilmore Girls) had us star struck before Broadway Under the Stars. She even struck a pose for us!

Thank you for playing with us this summer! To see more of the fun, check out the photos on our Facebook page. We can’t to see you again in 2016!

-Amin, Oxana, Lauren and Michelle

Please go here to read about the FORD THEATRES PROJECT.